OKBET Betting Guide: How to Get Better at Tennis Betting

OKBET Betting Guide How to Get Better at Tennis Betting

People who have no interest in the sport will have a very difficult time betting on it and making money over the long run. The rationale behind this is straightforward: if you have no idea who will be competing in a tennis match, you have no chance of beating the bookmakers who take bets on the sport. When it comes to placing bets on sports, this is ultimately the reason why the vast majority of people tend to steer clear of tennis.

The fact of the matter is, however, that tennis does provide an excellent opportunity for tipsters to make the most of the circumstances they are working with. This is due to the fact that sportsbooks are unable to exert the same level of control over the odds and lines that they are able to with some other popular sports.

Because tennis betting does have much more to offer the community of people who bet on sports than you might initially think, we are here to assist you in improving your betting skills in this sport.

Prioritizing structure over renown

In tennis, the importance of form is significantly higher than in other sports. Because of this, it would be to the advantage of any bettor to watch at least the highlights of the previous match played by the players on whom he or she would like to place a bet. told us Mark Vighan, the tennis betting expert at bettingtips4you.com, which is the leading sports betting tips site in the United Kingdom.

Because of this, predicting the winners of the first-round matches of any tournament is one of the most difficult tasks, as you do not know what kind of form particular players bring into the event. It is possible for someone to refrain from competing in tennis tournaments for one month, and there is no way to predict how well they will play in their first official match after taking such a break.

As a consequence of this, you will more often than not see some odds that you might be surprised to see. Take for instance a player with a lower ranking who competed in three rounds of qualifying for the tournament and still managed to earn a spot in the main draw. It appears that he will be the favorite in the first-round match, even though his opponent has a higher ranking. This is in fact the case due to the fact that the former is already utilized for the terrain, the climate, the ambiance in the stands, etc. In a game of tennis, the outcome of the match is heavily dependent on all of these different parameters.

The use of statistics can shed a lot of light

If you are not a tennis fanatic but would still like to place bets on this sport, we would advise you to at least do your homework and check the statistics from the previous matches played by a particular player. This will give you a better idea of how likely it is that the player will perform in the match you are betting on.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to learn more about him or her. You should pay particular attention to the following parameters: the number of winners, the number of unforced errors, the percentage of first serves, the percentage of points won on the first and second serves, and the number of breakpoints allowed or saved.

Because sportsbooks are typically much slower to react to changes in these parameters, if you notice that a player has suddenly improved his or her service at a tournament, it is likely an indication that the surface is conducive to the player’s game, and that betting on this player will bring you value for that particular competition.

Live betting & tennis

You simply cannot talk about betting on tennis without mentioning the in-play variation. If you want to make the most of your live betting experience, placing your bets on tennis matches will probably give you the best results. Tennis is such a specialized sport that even a single error on the part of the chair umpire can cause the entire momentum to shift in either direction.

In contrast to sports played in teams, individual tennis players are responsible for maintaining emotional composure throughout the entirety of a single match. There are many players who are unable to accomplish this, and players such as Nick Kyrgios, Benoit Paire, and Alexander Bublik are excellent examples of this.

This is the part of the game in which you can make money if you pay close attention to recognizing the moments of anger and the shifts in momentum that occur during live betting. You can also respond to the fact that there is a significant gap in quality between the two players competing in a match by placing consistent bets on the player who is currently dominant on the court to win every game that follows.

Last but not least, if you are familiar with two women’s tennis players who have a strong ability to hold their service games, you may be able to make a profit simply by betting on these players to maintain their service games. Online Bookmakers typically offer high odds for this type of market in women’s tennis.

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